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Friday, August 10, 2018

Life at Pass Creek #2

Pass Creek

Here is Beans jumping over the creek that she jumped into early on while we were here.
I've tried many times trying to catch her in mid-jump but it is hard.
I never know when she is going to jump and when she does it is lightening quick.

These guys are daily pests.

I don't want them pooping and peeing in camp.  Or rubbing up against our home.
If they stay on the other side of the creek they don't get a BB in the butt.

Deer are welcomed in camp.  
This is their home. 
 We're just visitors.

Cattle do untold damage to the land and foul up streams, ponds, rivers.
Deer, antelope, bison are gentle grazers.  They nibble off the tops of grasses.
Cattle rip the grasses out from the ground.  Native wildlife do not poop and pee in their drinking water.  Cattle do. 

One day Beans caught a purple cloak butterfly then proudly walked around with it in her mouth.
Aw Beans, don't hurt the butterfly.  Leave them alone.
I thought the butterfly was done for but when she let if go it flew away.
Gentle mouth Beans.
A different species of butterfly below.

Beans likes sitting on this stump.  
She caught a chipmunk from it and thinks it will produce more I guess.

One evening all types of commotion went on soon after I went to sleep.  I turned on the light and there was a mouse in the RV.  Beans was in hot pursuit.  Back and forth they went.  Get it!  Get the mouse Beans!  I don't understand how that mouse evaded her.  She even had it cornered a couple of times. But after a couple round trips it got away into a spot up front she could not get to.  She sat there waiting.  I went back to sleep.  Nothing more happened and the next day was normal so hopefully the mouse left by whatever route it found to get inside.

I think she felt humiliated by her failure inside that RV that night.
Two days later she redeemed herself and got a mouse outside.

The Serial Mouse Killer has declared war.
The following day she got another.


biebkriebels said...

Oh my, Beans has the time of her life. Our cat catches sometimes a butterfly and than walks inside the house with a closed mouth loudly trying to meow. when she opens, the butterfly flies away indeed.

Shammickite said...

I like the picture of the deer through the window, framed by Beans' ears! She's definitely a dedicated mouser.

Karen said...

Never underestimate a woman on a mission :)