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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lees Ferry Crossing

Yes, this is one of those places on the highway I just want to get through as fast as I can before something slides down on top of us.

On the way to our campground were these rock formations.

It is difficult to judge the size of this but just figure almost twice as large
as the Little House on the Highway in the distance.

This one?  Well over twice the size.

Our camp with a small bit of the vast Vermilion Cliffs in the background.

I planned on going to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, that is until I did a weather check.  Daytime temperatures were in the 50's due to the high altitude of 9000 plus feet. 
Guess we'll go back to the South Rim Beans.


  1. Temperatures in the 50s? Really???? Oh, OK, you mean the COLD 50s! The Fahreneit 50s! I was imagining the Celcius 50s. That would have been too darn HOT!
    Those rock formations are incredible, I wish I could see them for myself!

  2. Nice area. We were there a year or so ago.


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