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Friday, December 28, 2018

A Special Christmas Moment

Christmas Eve Day

I was standing outside reading the bulletin board ads at one of only two small grocery stores in Quartzsite.  The bulletin board is on the other side of the FRESH MEAT sign.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman walk up to the lady sitting in her roll-around chair and slip her a few dollars.  The lady in red said "I'm not begging."  The woman told her "You keep it. Merry Christmas" and she walked away.  I talked with the lady in red.  She told me she had been having trouble with people stealing from her (I didn't inquire as to details on that) and couldn't believe someone just gave her a few dollars.  I told her how that act of kindness on the part of the mystery woman and my being witness to it just made my day.  The lady in red moved real slow, had difficulty in doing most everything and was attempting to make arrangements for a ride to her doctor.  I wished her well and couldn't get the lady in red out from my mind for several hours afterwards.


  1. That was a special moment you saw there. A samaritan showing up on Christmas Day.

  2. A kind lady indeed. Truly the Christmas spirit.


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