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Monday, December 10, 2018

Home is Where You Park It

This is where we are in the Long Term Visitor Area, one of four in the area.  The Little House on the Highway is in the center of the photo.  We are looking west here with the California border about 25 miles beyond those mountains in the distance.  In the past I have always bounced around among the few free 14-day stay places in the area.  Here I can stay all the way through to mid-April and don't have to move but I had to pay a fee for that privilege. I do get free water and free trash dump.  This year I thought I would give this a try and see how it worked out.  See if I could stay in one spot for months without going bonkers. So far, two months into the experiment, all has been fine.  I am camping with a friend I made from last year who is from New York. This has helped with the "bonkers" threat. She has that white van to the left which she pulls a little trailer. She volunteered to work two days a week checking people in and thus didn't have to pay to stay.  I don't want to work!

Looking south.  
To the far left is the kiosk building where Jodie works.  Walking distance from our camp. If they get ten payees a day, that is a busy day.  Most people just stop by to inquire about staying here or where the free places are.  It will get busy with more people showing up after Christmas. 
Yuma, Arizona is 84 miles south and beyond that, Mexico.

Looking north.  
Just beyond the line of RVs in the distance is the boundary of the LTVA camp area.  There is a dry river bed on the other side of the trees then the town of Quartzsite.  It is just a mile walk for me to town to buy milk or other groceries. This is a benefit for my staying at the LTVA as I don't have to break camp and drive into town anymore for supplies.  Food prices are a bit higher at the two little markets (the price you pay for living in paradise) plus there are two Dollar Stores.  There are all the fast food places to be had located in town among other touristy stores.  Quartzsite is basically a big rest stop as it is the only town of size (pop. 3677) between the California border at the Colorado River and the metropolis town of Phoenix, Arizona a distance of 124 miles. 

To the east behind where I was standing for these pictures is Highway 95 to Yuma and then one of the other LTVA areas.  Beyond that, nothing except a hundred miles of desert wasteland to Phoenix.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Good luck with staying there, not sure It's a place I would want to be, Too many RV's

Shammickite said...

Do you see any wildlife, like rabbits or foxes? Not many trees around so perhaps not many birds? How often does it rain during the winter months? And how cold does it get at night? Any gas stations nearby? Sorry, lots of questions..... but a very interesting area.

Becky said...

Have you gone through Patagonia? We have neighbors who moved there a couple of years ago.