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Friday, January 4, 2019

Government Shut Down #2

Notice anything peculiar?

This is the only big container for trash and it is located south of us (three miles) at La Posa South.  There are six or seven regular dumpsters behind this big container and they were not over flowing although I have seen it that way once before.  The trash trucks still do their rounds on a regular basis despite the shut down.  The people here are real good about keeping our public lands clean.  You may have read a recent news item about how our National Parks are suffering with trash and human waste matter being left along park roadways, that's if you believe what the news media spits out these days.  Really, I cannot imagine people pulling off to the side of the road in the parks going poop and leaving it and toilet paper behind.  Maybe tossing a beer can or water bottle out but the other?

There is a regular dump station for RVs to dump their waste tanks at La Posa South.  Some RVers have what is referred to as a blue boy.  They are 10 or 15 gallon plastic containers with small wheels on them.  You hook your waste RV hose to it and when full tow the container behind your car or truck to the blue boy dump.  This method prevents you from having to break camp and drive your RV or tow the trailer to the regular dump station. The BLM provides a water tank (below) for you to rinse out your hose with after dumping your blue boy.  I don't have to use any of these facilities but go along with my camp mate when she does.  The time before I noticed this tank of fresh water half full.  I was curious if it was empty due to the shut down and not being refilled.  I couldn't see a water line.  I thumped on the tank and it sounded full.  Hmm...maybe they are filling it.  When talking with the guy who was using it while we waited our turn I learned the tank was frozen solid!  Yep, that is how cold it has been the last couple of nights.  It is warming back up to normal now.

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Shammickite said...

I wonder how long this shut down is going to continue. My heart goes out to all the employees who aren't getting paid. Such a stupid man.