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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

RV Interiors

I stepped inside a couple of the huge RVs among the hundreds available for sale.
The slide-outs are not all the way out as the RVs are packed in close to each other.

Some had so much floor space you could hold dance classes inside.
Why the need for so much room?

This is a modest bath/shower set-up compared to some.

Mirrors throughout are used.  
Gives the impression of being more expansive I suppose.

I could only get in part of the seating in this one.
Why so much seating?  
I don't have that many friends!


  1. Looks more luxurious and spacious than my house!

  2. I'm pretty sure this is bigger than my first apartment was.

  3. That is fabulous!

    I bet it costs more than a house.

  4. You never know they may take the whole street with them and party every night

  5. This looks more like a house than the interior of an RV. Definitely luxurious but really.... who would buy such a vehicle?


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