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Monday, January 14, 2019

The Lady at the Water Fill-up

I went by to fill up on water and a lady pulled in on the other side of me.  She was in a small SUV type of car.  She may have been in her forties, hard to say as she was all bundled up against the cold.  She was heavy-set wearing a heavy coat yet bare foot except for flip-flops.  Too cold for me to not have anything on my feet! She was filling a five-gallon bucket with water to do her laundry in.  We got to talking.

I learned she had been bedridden for three years, with little or no use of her arms and legs following a traffic accident.  She said "I used to exercise, do zumba (sp?) and run 5k runs.  You wouldn't know that to look at me now."  She would tell her daughters "If I ever get out of this bed, I am making a big life change."

Her prospects never looked too good until she stopped taking the medication the doctors had put her on.  Gradually she recovered, became mobile and left that prison in a bed life.  She told me she would watch YouTube videos while incapacitated and learned of this life on the road.  She packed what she needed in her car and this was the first time she had ever been down here in the desert.  She was living out of a tent and so very happy.  "I walked five miles yesterday!"

I have heard similar stories about the determental effects of prescribed medications.  Someone once told me they didn't trust doctors.  "They don't know anything.  They don't care.  They cause more trouble than they cure.  They charge the earth and if you don't get better they blame you for it.  After  they blind you or cripple you, so that you've got no choice but to sue them, where do you have to go? To a lawyer!  And that's worse!"

The lady hefted the five-gallon bucket full of water into her car (remember, less than a year ago she couldn't even lift her leg or arm) and we exchanged good-byes.  I wished her the best.  She left me inspired for the rest of the day.


Sandi said...

Oh, wow!! She is inspiring! It really does make you wonder about medications.

Shammickite said...

I wish the lady continued good health and lots of adventures on the road.

Karen said...

Wow, good for her! I can relate totally after surviving a couple of life-threatening events (cancers) 3 years ago which left me very very weak. Many of the issues resulted from a hospital doctor prescribing the wrong medicine and misdiagnosing a side effect from my surgery (ended up in ICU 3 times because of an antibiotic!)...I was lucky that my daughter is a pharmacist and caught the problem right away after I called her...went to my surgeon who took the time to fix me instead of just farming me off to ER. I was very very lucky, but its taken a very long time to recover. Chemo is hard on a body. Thanks for sharing this story. It helps to know of others who have over-comed and are thriving.