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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

410 Miles

Valmay, Nevada

All along the long drive across the state of Nevada, 
this is pretty much all you are going to see for the entire 410 miles.

We are in no hurry and are doing the drive in small stages.  I stopped early at a nice big rest stop near Valmay for the remainder of the day and spend the night.  Only later I discovered it is supposed to get down to freezing at night!  Not good!

The next day rain was scheduled to start at 8am.  Not thrilled about that either.
Well, the Little House on the Highway could use a good bath.

Must press on to Utah to find better weather and warmer temperatures. 


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Being used mainly to England I find the idea of such straight lines and such distances really hard to grasp and not be overwhelmed by. Are there many towns or settlements along the way or is it mainly without people?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

From Reno in the west to Wendover on the Utah border there are around 6 or so towns large enough to warrant a traffic signal. Of course you have to pull off the Interstate to see that stop light.