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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Scary Day For Dad

One day I took Beans out for a walk.  She immediately chased off after a lizard.  The lizard went for this green bush and Beans dove in.  Notice the sharp three inch long branches.  Beans gave up on the lizard and backed out of the bush and began rubbing her eye with her paw.  Oh no!  I took her inside and checked the eye.  The eyeball looked okay but she obviously got hurt as she kept licking her paw and rubbing her eye.  She wouldn't open her eye.  I was sick with worry.  She settled down for a nap, still not opening that eye.  Later in the day she got up, jumped down and looked at me with both eyes wide open.  I was so relieved.  I think she took it better than I did.  She needs goggles for when she goes hunting from now on.  I'll check on Amazon for Cat Googles.


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anonymous said...

It's always so hard on us,and our cats,while waiting to see if they will be alright, yippee, Beans is Okay!