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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Home is Where You Park It.

It was a long day of driving (I really need to stop that sort of behavior) and when we arrived at a known overnight parking location (Walmart) conditions had changed since I was there last.  It is now posted No Overnight Parking.  In most all cases where overnight parking is banned at Walmarts is by city ordinance, not the Walmart store itself.  Sam Walton when he began the Walmart empire made it a policy for all of his stores to always allow overnight parking for his traveling shoppers and truckers too.  Unfortunately there are those among us who abuse this courtesy.  People in large RVs pop out all their slides, set up camp chairs and bar-b-ques and treat the parking lot as their own private campground. I've even seen astro-turf carpets spread out. They stay for days. This has been a very common problem in Florida with all the east coasters and Canadians (I'm sorry my Canadian followers, but it is a fact) that now virtually all Walmarts in Florida are off limits to RVs overnighting.  The other abuser is the "homeless" on wheels who are squatters and stay for weeks on end, sometimes even erecting tents.  I have personally seen this myself. 

I stopped over at Lowes (off to the right in the background) to buy four clamps for my new bike rack to keep the bike from sliding off.  Sometimes I have overnighted in Home Depot or Lowes parking lots.  I asked the manager lady and she said security would ask me to leave eventually. "But you can park on the street next to us."  Thank you.  Well, better than the street was this lone dirt pull-out.  
No room for anyone else to park near us.

On the street the truckers are beginning to stage for their overnight sleep.  See why I picked what I did?  Nothing worse than listening to a diesel truck idle for hours when you're trying to sleep.

You get wise and learn where and to where not park after a few years of traveling on the roads.

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Shammickite said...

Not a very nice view out of your window. I hope you can move on to a place that's a bit more welcoming.