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Thursday, May 30, 2019

We've Been Everywhere

Grand Junction, Colorado

We had to go into town to resupply and stayed the night at the Walmart parking lot, always an interesting experience.  It never disappoints.  Some time ago I showed the lady with all the stickers on the back of her van.  Well these folks had her beat by a huge margin.  I talked with the guy (family of four) and he said they have a packet of stickers from their current trip yet to be put on.  You may be wondering as I am, once the space is filled up to the clearance lights...then what?

Then there was this couple.  
And sometimes I think I am hauling around too much crap.


  1. There are those who believe that the more crap you have in your life the happier you'll be. If you don't subscribe to this view then you have to put up with being considered weird by many.

  2. Yup, 'tis a puzzlement isn't it. Sheesh. But I'm sure many scratch their heads about things I do, too (teehee). Have fun, John. Btw, we adopted a new kitten 2 weeks ago...Sammy. Got him a harness, and I'm hoping to get him used to wearing it to go outside. So far, he's doing better with each outing. We took him on a long ride around town yesterday in a "fabric" carrier. He did quite well...no crying and he even enjoyed looking out the windows. I think he may be happy to go camping soon....fingers crossed.

    1. Oh that is so nice to read. I feel most cats will get used to a harness and lead especially when they begin to associate that as getting to go outside and explore. Cats make great travelers as they are low maintenance. Enjoy Sammy.

  3. I see some Canadian stickers on the back of that camper, and a Canadian flag top right corner.


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