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Saturday, June 29, 2019

A Change in Plans

not that I ever really have a plan.

A big change in the weather was in the forecast with rain, wind and a thirty degree drop in temperature (that turned out to be a forty degree drop) that would go on for a couple of days.  If we were to be confined inside for that long I'd like to have some Wi-Fi for entertainment to pass away the long hours.  So as much as I didn't want to leave Rio Blanco, I did anyway moving north to Craig, Colorado.  I planned for the Walmart "campground" there then moved up the road to check out the McDonald Wi-Fi prospect for day time use.  There I found an abandoned K-Mart or other big store.  This would be better than the Walmart parking lot and so there we stayed, for two days.

Two very long days.

I don't care for McDonald's food...

...so I walked across the way to Wendy's.  Very disappointing.  I had forgotten I don't care for Wendy's food either.  I really need to make a list of the fast food places I don't care for.  
Perhaps the list should be of the places that are okay.  It'd be a shorter list.

The only thing of interest I saw those two days was this.  I wondered if these were little shelters dropped off on the range for the cowboys to use.

Boy I was glad when this was over with although it was still cold.

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