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Sunday, June 16, 2019

An Accidental Find

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

I went riding on a different trail, came up upon a rise and was surprised to find the Colorado River down below in the broad canyon.

You will recall my earlier attempt to find it only to turn back because it seemed way too much farther than I felt comfortable in traveling.

So I was very happy to see this and sat enjoying the scene for some time.
That is my newly acquired motor bike.  I got rid of that motorized bicycle after the winter as it was giving me so much trouble.  This is a 1972 Honda Trail 90.  The third Honda Trail 90 I have owned in my life.  I will not be foolish and sell this one as I had the previous two.

Before I was way over there on the left by Castle Rocks.  This time I was at the bottom part of brown Trail 8 where it turns into a thin black line so you can see how I was closer to the river here.
We are camped on the green line at the top right above the V in RV.

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  1. Is that a road or a railway line along the river? Neat bike, you'll have lots of fun exploring with her..... now you have to give her a name. All vehicles should have a name. My car is called Bluebottle.


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