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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Beans Gets Her Lizard

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

When we got back from all the fun and games in Grand Junction we picked a new spot down the road from our previous home site.

Here Beans scored!

Believe it or not, she holds them in her mouth gently, not sinking her teeth into the lizard.

Well, now what do I do now that I got him?

She takes it back to the RV and wants to bring it inside.
That's what she wants to do. 
Ain't happening sweetie.


  1. No, she just torments them. I eventually give them a chance to escape. Of all the lizards she has caught I think only one or two have expired probably to shock.

  2. Of course she wants to bring her new toy home. But a frantic loose lizard in the caravan isn't really a desirable outcome! By the way did you know that the collective noun for lizards is "a lounge of lizards"? Perfect!

  3. This reminds me...one time Roger let one of the cats in without paying attention....it brought a bird in and had feathers EVERY where. I was trying to sleep in and heard the vacuum, and thought he was vacuuming just to get me to get up, so got up and found my way in here and there he was trying to get all the feathers up.

  4. ha! When I was a kid, my cat, Tink, brought in a foot-long snake one evening, making a bee-line to my room, deposited right under my bed. For a long time I lived in fear of what lived under my bed....and with good reason! Ha! Fun times.


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