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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Canyon Pintado

Coming down from Douglas Pass on scenic 139 we drove through the Canyon Pintado (Spanish for painted canyon) Historical Conservation Area.  This area was the home to Native Americans from 0 to 1300 AD.  Several stops along the way provided access to various features.  This one I wanted to hike in and see for it had pictographs (painted symbols) rather than petroglyphs (etched in the rock). 
I don't get to see many pictographs. 

I found it amazing how well the colors have held up for all this time. 
It was situated under a ledge so I doubt rain ever gets it wet.

The key word here is "theorized".  They don't know.  
You already know what I think from previous postings of Native American doodling.


  1. We have many examples of "cup and ring" carvings on rocks in parts of England. They are also composed of many concentric circles and of unknown origin, though they are known to be very old. There are of course many theories - none of which I find convincing.

  2. The ancient people are still keeping their secrets.


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