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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Douglas Pass

Leaving Rabbit Valley (way off on the distant horizon) we did a short two hour drive to the top of Douglas Pass 8268 feet (2520 meters)

It was a hard pull for The Little House on the Highway but she did well.

At the top stood a road maintenance facility it was cool and comfortable.
Don't know why the blurry photo.  

At times the wind was really whippin' coming up from the valley. 
 I had to move the RV over to the other side and aim the front towards the wind. 
We had some interesting weather that afternoon and evening.


  1. The views are amazing, though I know from my mountain-walking days that the tops of passes are always "somewhat draughty"!

  2. That sky looks like the "interesting weather" is on it's way. You're in a very exposed place there.


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