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Monday, June 24, 2019

Good Bye Rabbit Valley

It was time to finally move on from our home in Rabbit Valley, Colorado.

Colorado doesn't provide the sunsets as well as does Arizona

 but we aren't complaining.

Colorful shaded lichen outside our door.

Only one of these I saw.

One of those fifty-plus year archaeological artifacts.
Cans of condensed milk were the most to be seen.

I suppose graffiti over fifty years of age too is now considered of archaeological significance?
May 11, 1955.  
Just made the cut-off it did.
Lucky for TBS.

 And Beans got herself on more lizard.
The lizard lives on, with a shorter tail though.

We'll be back Rabbit Valley.

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  1. Some lovely sunset pictures there. TBS should be ashamed of himself, writing his name all over the rocks.
    Good luck to Beans on the lizard hunt in your new location.


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