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Friday, June 28, 2019

Life at Rio Blanco

Waters from the White River (Rio Blanco) are diverted to keep the lake topped off.

Right now everything is at flood stage and no diversion is needed.

I couldn't direct Beans' attention to the frog. She was onto something else.

This bird (Osprey I believe) gets a fish every morning.  I'm surprised this photo came out as well as it did for I used the iPhone, zoomed in to the max and had a cat yanking on her lead.

The weather can change in an instant.  Rain and hail, then sunshine.
Exciting stuff.

After a rain I went for a walk and rescued this little fellow who was treading water in a big mud puddle. He rode on my hiking stick for the rest of the way, recovering from his near-death experience.

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  1. You're surrounded by wildlife. I love the markings on the frog. You are certainly making the right choices in life, staying away from big cities and living close to nature.


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