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Monday, June 3, 2019

Scenery of Rabbit Valley

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

Rabbit Valley is part of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.  
Way off over there on the horizon you can look down into a canyon where the Colorado River flows.

It is a vast scenic landscape the stretches farther than I can hike, farther than I need to be going off on my bike all by myself with no one knowing where I am.
I gave up on viewing the Colorado River idea.

The proper way to explore this land would be in a 4x4 vehicle filled with survival supplies and ideally with another vehicle along for when things go bad.

Castle Dome.

I'll stick close to home.
And that's why I have always traveled with a cat.
They keep me from doing stupid $#!+.


  1. With such amazing scenery close to hand why would you need to travel further? The cat knows best!

  2. I agree with John above. Beautiful surroundings, but frightening and hostile at the same time. Not a place to get stuck or injured far from your camp site.

  3. You may be wise to stay near home but such fascinating scenery must be very tempting to explore


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