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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Not-So-Grand Day in Grand Junction part 2

True Value Hardware

This one is what really set my day off.  
I'll just give you the Reader's Digest condensed version here.  
There is a lot more to the story believe me. 

I have a fresh water filter faucet in addition to the regular faucet at the kitchen sink.  One day I noticed the line at the filter underneath the sink was leaking.  I went to True Value Hardware in town.  Easier to find things and get help than the big box places.  I got the replacement fitting I needed and wanted to replace the plastic line coming from the faucet to give me more line to work with underneath.  I couldn't see how to remove the line from the faucet.  Mr. Moron pulled on the quarter inch tubing so hard he stretched it out like a thin piece of spaghetti.  Not good.  Numbnuts then went in back, cut out the spaghetti part and attached compression fittings so the line would be usable.  A patch job. Only thing is dufus did so with the mounting nuts and washers still on the faucet.  I couldn't remove them pass that compression fitting.  I went to Lowes hardware across town.  There Mr. Knowledgeable informed me that those lines are put into the faucet at the factory.  "They don't come out."  I now had a faucet I could not use nor even install.  "True Value needs to make that good for you" he says.  He takes me over to aisle 16 and shows me what they have to replace it - $69.  
"Ain't cheap" he says. 

I drive back across town to True Value and talk with manager Julie.  She ends up telling me "Go buy another and bring me a copy of the receipt."  Wow, I didn't expect that.  Back across town I go.  This time I go to Home Depot.  They have a faucet more like what I had at half the price.  The Lowes one was real fancy for the home kitchen.  I buy the Home Depot one.  Back across town again to see Julie.  In the end I walked out of there with five dollars more than what I should have after her numerous attempts to enter the information into the register leaving a pile of receipts by the wayside.  I could consider the $5 compensation for my inconvenience but I need more than five bucks for that!  I took the five went next door to the Subway and bought myself a sandwich.  It was now 3pm and I was fading having had no lunch. 

I needed a couple days before attempting the fix.  I was ready for something to go wrong or that I needed something I didn't have.  But good guy Steve at Home Depot came through for me setting me up with all I needed to hook up to my existing water filter as I was dealing with a larger line than before.

The new faucet required a 3/4 inch hole in the counter top.  My existing hole was half inch.  So I couldn't preassemble everything topside and slip it down the hole as per instructions.  I had to secure fittings from underneath.  Oh joy.  

It was awkward but not as bad as it could have been like some kitchen sink jobs
 I've done in the past in the past.

Always a pleasure at the moment of truth finding out no leaks.
Only difference with this faucet is that it doesn't stick up as high.
That's nice. I like my new filtered fresh water faucet.

Now, what to do with twenty two feet of leftover tubing?


  1. I'm sure you could think of something useful to do with the remaining tubing!
    Enjoy your new faucet!


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