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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Not-So-Grand Day in Grand Junction part 4

The Bike Shop

This is what really started The Not-So-Grand Day in Grand Junction saga.  After coming back from a bike ride I started to put the bike up on the carrier preparing to leave Rabbit Valley the next day.  It was then I notice one of the fork seals was leaking.  Great!  Well, I guess I won't be riding my bike for awhile.  As I thought about it more later in the day, why not have it fixed here?  There are three quality bike shops in town and its not that I am in any hurry to be somewhere else and who knows if they are even any bike shops further north away from mountain bike paradise here in Colorado.
I'll do it.

I picked Ruby Canyon Bike Shop.  They had the best reviews from customers and were located close to other errands I had to do - laundry, plumbing and rock display case shopping.
Well the bike shop was right downtown, not suitable for RV parking and the streets were lined with parking meters.  I found a lot two blocks away at the Two Rivers Convention Center.

So as you can see from the sign, I'm nervous.  I rode the bike over to the shop, checked it in fairly quickly and jogged back to the lot.  Beans and The Little House on the Highway was still there.
The following week I repeated the process when picking up the bike.
All fixed for $113.16.  Oh well, if you're gonna play ya gotta pay.

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  1. You actually achieved a lot during your stop in Grand junction.


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