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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Toilet Wash

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

After the day of errands we returned to Rabbit Valley and I selected a new camp down the road a hundred yards from where we were before. 
I took Beans out for her exploratory walk in the wash and came upon this!

These deposits were strewn all up and down the wash.

I tried to overlook it.  That lasted until the second day.  It just ate at me.
Using my grabber tongs and a soda pop carton I collected over a dozen drops.
Just the toilet paper.  The poop stayed.  I'll only go so far in the clean up.
There's one tucked in up under that rock.

I burned the lot along with other trash found at the site.

I'll not get started on who I feel is responsible and what I would like to do to them.


  1. What?? That's human poop? People do it outside and leave the toilet paper behind? Incredible. And disgusting. Don't they have toilets in their campers? Or are these poops from people who camp in tents? I am amazed at people.

  2. Incredible and disgusting yes. Never knew we produced so much poop!

  3. ugh...thank you, John, for cleaning up others' messes. ooof


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