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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trail Through Time part 2

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

I then came up to the next dinosaur bone location.

Okay, now we're cooking!  
I see this one.

Ah, perhaps there is hope for me after all.
I too can be a dinosaur hunter.

Then came my first fellow dinosaur bone hunters, going the wrong way on the trail.  They stopped and the woman in black (the daughter) began reading the sign out loud to her parents.  I had to get away.  Mom stood right in the path, not budging as I stood in front of her.  
"Uh, I'd like to get by...that'd be cool"  
"Oh sorry."  
"I don't see anything. Where?" mom and daughter wondered.
"You're sitting on them" I muttered as I squeezed by.
"Oh, here they are!  Don't you want to see them Dad?"
Dad was sitting nearby breathing heavy, sweating profusely.

No one carried any water unless that little blue back pack had a bottle in it. 
They had it all uphill from this point on.  And it was hot!
If the flat part they just completed did Mom and Pop in I didn't want to be around to witness the effects that the rest of the trail would have upon them.

You can't blame them too much.  They were from Florida.
No uphills there.


  1. That is a heart attack waiting to happen. You wonder why they bothered if they were not interested

  2. When YoungerSon was little he loved all dinosaurs but his very favourite was diplodocus!
    It's amazing how heat and going uphill can kill all desire to see traces of dinosaur bones. It does look like very unfriendly territory.


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