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Friday, June 21, 2019

Trail Through Time part 4

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

The amazing thing here was they hadn't been vandalized.

Perhaps they didn't know what they were standing on.

Then I came up to this one and was right back to where I was at the beginning,
not seeing it.

Finally I could just make out the pelvis bone.
I guess in time you develop an eye for these fossils as I would just pass them on by.

On the way back to the parking lot was a fine view of the valley.  I found out it got its name by the fact there were a lot of rabbits here at one time.  I never saw one rabbit the three weeks we were here. 
What happened to all the rabbits?

Someone lost their water bottle.
It reminded me of mom and pop and their daughter.  I looked back up on the hillside where I could see most of the trail.  They weren't to be seen.  It was now even hotter.

As I neared the parking lot up ahead was a young lady coming my way.  She stopped, bent over to look at something then continued on towards me.  We exchanged hellos in passing then I wondered what she was looking at.  When I reached the rock there poised was a collard lizard.  She evidently wasn't all that impressed for she just gave it a glance and didn't even take a photo.
People.  I'll never understand them.


  1. Interesting waalk nice find with the lizard

  2. I love the fossils! Gosh! They have been around a long time.


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