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Saturday, June 22, 2019

We Made It!

Rabbit Valley, Colorado

It was getting close to when we would leave Rabbit Valley.  I decided to take one last ride, maybe retrace our tracks from the first ride weeks earlier.

This time Gracie and I pressed on even further and finally, there it was, the Colorado River.
This is the longer route from before that we had turned back on before reaching the end.
I think we were way over there around the bend in that other post when we accidentally found the Colorado River a week earlier.

I parked the bike and walked on down the slope to the edge of the canyon.
What a grand scene to take a train ride through.

Believe me, it took a lot for me to stand here and get these pictures.

Fifty years ago I wouldn't have given it a care in the world.
Not today!  Strange how we change with age.

That's my security bush.  It was the only way I could stand there, by having that bush close by so I could hold onto a branch.  

Back up the slope were several camp sites.  No one was there, anywhere.

You need a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle to get back in here.  Oh if I still had my Land Rover.  It was so quiet here.  I could hear the sound from the rapids in the river below and birds calling from the trees along the flooded river banks.  Their calls would echo up the canyon wall, hauntingly beautiful to listen to.


  1. QUite some view and worth the effort of getting to. Not many places like that here

  2. I think Gracie enjoyed the adventure just as much as you did. What a stunning view down into the river valley. But such inhospitable surroundings. I wouldn't last long on a hot day.

  3. What a grand view that is...and I am just like you with heights. Used to it would not have phased me to stand there...now I wouldn't even want to watch someone else stand there.


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