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Monday, September 30, 2019

Hull Cabin

Grand Canyon, Arizona

I couldn't live here

Being snowbound in the winter isn't my thing.

But is was very isolated, peaceful and quiet.
Nice aspects.

There is a little bit of information on Wikipedia about the Hulls who didn't stay long.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Arizona Trail

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Near camp the Arizona Trail passes through. 
The trail begins at the Mexico border

and crosses the state northward ending at the Utah border.
Its not a trail to be taken lightly.
Scorching hot dry desert to freezing cold high altitudes.

Something I would have liked to tried long ago along with the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails all of which require six months of your life...each.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Coins Can Kill

Grand Canyon, Arizona

A long time ago, back in the days when Sinbad was with me, we went to the Grand Canyon.  I was appalled at the sight of hundreds of coins glittering in the sun atop these two pillars of rock.  Idiot tourists would toss coins out there.  There were signs telling people to not do this.  Park service personnel would have to put their lives in danger to clear the rocks of coins each year.

Last year and this year there was not one coin to be seen.  
I can't imagine these new signs would be responsible, but maybe so. 
 The idiots don't care for Park Service employees but they do for the condor. 

On an additional note, there were signs all around telling not to feed the squirrels. 
 It went on to say that on any given day on the average there are thirty reported cases of people being bitten while feeding a squirrel.
"The Grand Canyon's most dangerous animal"
That was the title on these signs.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Mother Endangering Her Little Girl

Grand Canyon, Arizona

I was talking to a middle-aged couple.  They were upset as they just witnessed this mother taking her "5 or 6 year old daughter" out onto a dangerous rock ledge.  "We watched her help her little girl across this gap and now they're sitting on the very edge!"

I said I'd have to go get a photo of this.  "It'll be good material for my blog."

When I got in view of them they were just getting up from the edge behind them.  I knew who they were as I had watched them pull in close to us in the parking lot.  She too was just a little thing, slightly bigger than the Japanese girl from yesterday.  She probably wasn't even five feet tall.  The "mother" was her boyfriend with long thick bushy hair.  Both of them I'd guess to be barely 20 or so.  Yet from a distance I could see how the couple was mistaken.

I thought it funny.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bride on the Edge

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Don't know the story, there was no wedding there.  
Her and her new husband (?) walked on out to the edge from the parking lot 
and set up for some pictures.

I doubt she weighed a 100 pounds, a tiny little thing.
When she stood up, standing there in bare feet I couldn't look any longer and walked away.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What a Difference a Year Makes

Grand Canyon, South Rim

We were here at this time exactly one year ago.
Where are all the people?

I have to admit that I like the South Rim better for the view is much more expansive.

The haze wasn't as bad this day.
In case you missed my reply to a comment about the haze from the North Rim, it has been an on-going problem in the Grand Canyon for several decades now.  There was an informative sign at the North Rim explaining how the haze is there most days.  It is from nearby coal-fired power plants, mining, increased vehicle traffic and even smog being blown in from southern California.

Yes this I can tolerate.

I thought I might have a photo from last year taken at this location but the closest I had was the pathway leading to it.  You still can get an idea of the difference in visitor flow.

Catching the sun just right in a window.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Beans Has an Issue

Grand Canyon, South Rim

You've brought me to another tourist infested National Park?
We need to talk!!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

In my opinion this is one of the most scenic drives in America.

It is about a thirty mile portion of Highway 89A between Jacob Lake and Lees Ferry, Arizona.

It is best to travel from west to east as the highway is a gradual descent all the way.

The highway is as straight as an arrow.  Just set the cruise control and enjoy.

You are provided with this stunning view right out the driver's side window the entire way.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

North Rim Grand Canyon pt.3

I walked by the Visitor Center twice and didn't see it.  I consulted my map.  
Found it.

I wanted something to signify the North Rim from the card I have in the RV from the Grand Canyon in general.  I found only one postcard and this 3-D magnet.  I didn't realize until putting together this post that the magnet is of the Visitor Center sign, right down to the same exact rocks in the foreground.  Somehow they were able to change the wording.

Inside the lodge.
The regular dining room menu was to small to photograph.
Pricey but hey, they have to truck in all that fancy food.

I didn't see anything advertising room rates.
Don't think I'd want to do this.  I'd rather hike it...but...
my knees were bothering me on the downhills of the trail from yesterday's post.
I guess I missed my time.

I went in their "saloon" for an espresso drink.

It was so-so.

On October 16 they shut everything down, close up shop and vacate until next year.
The road in is closed at Jacob Lake.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

North Rim Grand Canyon pt.2

Wouldn't it have been nice back in the day to see this without all the haze? 

I came across two women who were having a real bad time with the sheer drop-offs.
Both instances they were on their way back.
One was hanging on her husband's day pack following along with her eyes closed.

The other woman was severely traumatized.  I heard her husband say to her  "It's okay now, we're past the worst part."  She leaned against the rock face on the side of the trail bending over on the verge of tears.  To me the trail wasn't that bad but that's not to take away from what they must have been feeling on their own level. They must have experienced that feeling of being sucked off into the void.  I know the feeling as there have been some places for me that got my attention 
if you recall from the blog here. 

Parking was at a premium.  The lot was small and tight.  Portions were closed due to construction, naturally!  On my first pass through I went into a lot that had no outlet and no room to turn a small house around.  I had to back out.  Fortunately no one else came in.  I made another pass.  I couldn't believe my good fortune.  This spot had opened up and I had a straight shot out when leaving.  
Good thing as I wasn't going to do a third pass through. 
 I am so glad I don't have one of those monster coaches.

What is wrong in this photo?
I guess if you're an old fart from Texas you can park your monster coach wherever you want .

Why do you keep bringing me to these tourist infested places!  
I don't like it one bit!
Take me home, now!!

All that effort to get a picture of her with the Grand Canyon in the background and...
there's NO background!

Friday, September 20, 2019

North Rim Grand Canyon pt.1

It is a forty-five mile drive south from Jacob Lake to the North Rim.

Hey Beans!  You can...oh never mind.

The North Rim has its own special qualities over the South Rim.

I feel though the South Rim holds the more expansive wide open views though...

...which is to me breath taking every time I go there.

You can see the smog and haze in these photos.

I guess some days are pretty bad.  This day there were stiff winds which may have helped.

There were far less people here than at the South Rim which I feel due to its remoteness.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cleaning Day

Jacob Lake, Arizona

Before leaving Jacob Lake I took advantage of the facilities at the nearby Kaibab Camper Village.
It costs $40-45 dollars to stay here.  That's with full hookups: electricity, water and sewer.
$20 if dry camping such as tents or cheapskates like me who don't need hook-ups.
They tout themselves as the only place to camp with hookups north of the Grand Canyon. 
They also have cabins at $50 and $105.

Beans loved prowling around here.

Laundry was $2 a load.  $1.50 for the dryer.  
I had the heat set on HIGH.  Some items came out still damp.  
I set things out in the RV to finish drying.
They're not getting another $1.50 out of me!

Next was cleaning me.  
$2.25 for five minutes.  The water was HOT.  Better it than the clothes dryer.
If you think this is kind of nasty looking, I've seen and used much worse.
No complaints from me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Feeding a Cat

Jacob Lake, Arizona

In the nearby visitor center is this beautiful mountain lion on display.
I couldn't afford him as a pet.  
It costs me enough just to feed Beans. 

When Beans wants some food she meows softly, will tap me on the arm if I'm sitting at the table and then shyly rub her head on the corner of the seat.  Just yesterday I noticed the corner where she rubs.

This is after a couple of years worth of asking to be fed.
She's worn the finish from the wood!

So as you read this we are on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon 45 miles away.  
We'll just stay the day then return back to our camp at Jacob Lake for the night.
Should be an interesting day.