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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Just Give it More Gas

Quartzite, Arizona

I had to go into town to fill up the propane tank in the RV.  While waiting for the guy to come out and pump the propane I watched this guy in a big Class A RV (the black and white RV to the right at the gas pumps) pull away from in front of the Jeep parked at the left.  I immediately saw some damage to his RV then noticed how he was pulling forward, backing up, pulling forward again...Well this will be interesting to watch as he doesn't seem too good at driving that beast.

The propane kid came and I pointed out the damage on the RV and how he seemed to have trouble pulling in.  The kid tells me "He just did that. He turned in up against one of the red pipe barriers (situated at each end of the gas fill-up island) and I heard this crunching sound.  I looked up and the guy just stepped on the gas and continued forward ripping off the compartment doors. You can still see the insulation foam lying on the ground."  
I couldn't believe this and told the kid how I wished I had come here first. "I missed the whole thing!"

I guess he still had the Jeep hooked up in back, pulled on out, went over and unhooked the Jeep, removed the dangling doors, threw on some white tape on the remaining door to hold it in place then proceeded to get his fuel, which is when I arrived.

Now get this: The kid tells me they had just bought the RV.
Yep, people like this are driving these monsters everywhere Beans and I go.
It's a dangerous life we live out here on the road.


John W. Wall said...

A friend who just started living out of her van has a brother who lives full-time with his wife in one of these monsters, complete with attached Jeep. I think he's a better driver though, as his RV doesn't have a scratch after several years....

Shammickite said...

You would think that there should be a special licence that you get by taking a test for driving one of those huge vehicles. I bet that fellow is mad as heck.

ClickNCamera said...

That's one of hazards I dread in maneuvering trailers. I would be happy for a small van with the essentials! I know practice helps but I don't need that stress...Enjoy the day.

Penelope said...

I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your cute cat. We see plenty of big rvs here in as Montana and have laughed at their attempts to navigate our narrow streets and roads. Money can't buy brains. I have traveled all over Arizona and it is beautiful country. I have enjoyed your photos, especially the rock art, both the old and the new. We are at 18* here now but it is supposed to get cold tonight and tomorrow.