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Saturday, December 14, 2019

A Typical Beans Day

Quartzsite, Arizona

The day usually starts out with warming the butt by the heater on these cold mornings.

Then as the day warms up the lizards become active and it is time to hunt.
Here she is leaping into the bush.  She really doesn't have much a chance catching lizards here due to the brush and rodent holes in them to escape into.

But she never gives up.  She'll lie there for the longest time waiting.
I'm giving here free roam (well supervised) as she never ventures off.  She makes her rounds checking all her bushes.  The door is open on the RV and she comes in and she goes out...because I can.  If a bicycle comes by she hightails back inside.  So funny.
What is it with bicycles?

Watching for any movement.
I bought this carpet sample to place between my chair and footrest.  
Beans thinks I got it for her.
I don't have the heart to tell her otherwise so we just leave it at that.

Yesterday and today (Friday and Saturday) was very nice with the temperatures at 70 and 71 with no wind and sunny skies.  By Tuesday it will drop 12 degrees then slowly climb back up.  
I'm not complaining.  


  1. My cat loved being on the hearth by the fire. I still expect to see her there in the morning.
    Beans is a patient hunter, guarding you from all the lizards who might attack. We really don't see any lizards here, but my cat loved to catch grass hoppers in the summer and try to bring them in for more fun. And a mouse did not dare to come near.

    1. There have been a couple mice that made the fatal mistake of coming onboard the RV thinking it would be a good place to live. Turned out to be a good place to die instead. Mice she catches outdoors I try to give them a chance to escape and live on. After all, it's their home and they didn't know this fur monster was out to get them as they were going about their daily mice business.


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