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Friday, December 6, 2019

Delicate Arch

NOT Quartzite, Arizona

Arches National Park, Utah

You may have read in the news where two people died last week and a third seriously injured when they slipped and fell into the sandstone bowl beneath Delicate Arch.  I am really surprised more people aren't injured or die from falling here.  I did this hike a few years ago and unfortunately cannot find my pictures from that day.  I had to take this one from the internet.  After several miles of hiking I remember walking out from behind some rocks and presented with this view.  When I emerged from the rocks I then felt the full force of the fierce wind blowing that day.  I watched as people walked around the rim of the bowl so that they could stand beneath the arch and take a picture of themselves. Nope, no way. It ain't happening and I stayed put.  A lady was standing near me not venturing any further.  Smart woman.  A sudden gust of wind blew across the bowl (we heard it coming) we both hit the deck to keep from getting blown over.  

I couldn't find a photo showing the bottom of the bowl but this is pretty close to it as it flattens out. I thought If I drop my water bottle it's staying down there with the other water bottles and few hats.  
I suppose it is possible someway to get down there...somehow.  Thank goodness there wasn't this many people there when I did the hike.

They said that day of the tragedy the rock was wet and slippery.  Add some wind and it's not good. 


  1. I can't remember any winds when visiting the Arches, it was very hot at that time is the only thing I remember and the beauty of this nature of course.

  2. That is an incredible formation but sure looks like an accident waiting to happen. I do not understand the charm of dangerous selfies but it seems some fools just can't wait to either maim themselves or commit suicide by selfie. It happens a lot here in Montana and also at Yellowstone. There is always some tourist getting fired by a buffalo or boiling themselves in Yellowstone. Even Texas governor Abbott, although he claims it was a shower. We call this "Stupid Tourist Season". Like Ron White.."You can't fix stupid."

  3. Gored, not fired. I can make plenty of mistakes on my own but my phone thinks I need help.

  4. I hadn't heard about anyone being killed or injured there, but here in Canada we don't hear your local news much. Spectacular rock formations, but you were sensible to stay safe. Better to be sensible than dead.


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