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Monday, December 2, 2019

Lightning Strike!

Quartzite, Arizona

You may have read about all the nasty weather going on over the Thanksgiving period.  Northern Arizona received so much snow that the Interstate was shut down east and west of Flagstaff.  We missed all the action only getting some high winds and a bit of rain.  The phone kept going off warning of flash floods in our area.  The numerous loud blarings from three different weather apps would scare the bejesus out of me.  I eventually turned the phone off and went to sleep.  I awoke the next morning finding we were still here.  Amid all of this was one really close lightening strike (that didn't scare me) and my lightening app showed it was less than two miles south of us. The red dot.

I got the idea of taking a couple of screenshots of the location and try to find where the lightening hit.

A zoomed in second shot. 
When a nice day arrived I went off on my motorbike in search for it.  Bouncing back and forth viewing these screen shots and then my map GPS on the phone I was able to find the spot.  
Not as easy as I imagined it to be I might add.  

Here Gracie is parked on the spot.  I found nothing.  I walked all around.  Nothing.  I rode Gracie around in ever widening circles.  Nothing.  I had looked online for images as to what to look for too.  A blown out hole, disturbed earth radiating out in all directions...nothing.  I thought maybe I'd see a saguaro cactus blown to smithereens.  None.  I was really disappointed.   

Maybe the app doesn't actually pinpoint THE spot.  I don't know.
Someday I will find a lightening strike.  I'm not giving up.


  1. What a scary lightning storm! Glad you didn't get a direct hit. There is a huge increase of people being struck by lightning in recent years. I had a friend who took a hit and he was jumpy every time he saw a cloud after that.
    You are quite the sleuth. Maybe it was an interesting quest even if no treasure was found. I noticed the chemtrails in the sky in your photo. X marks the monkey business.
    I do hope Beans was not frightened. My cat was terrified of storms and would stay under the bed until they passed.

    1. Sinbad hated thunder. That and fireworks scared him terribly. Beans? Doesn't phase her one bit. She just lays there. May lift her head but that's it. Now if someone rides by on a bicycle that's a whole different issue. She goes down in her hidey hole for that. Strange.

  2. I hope you do eventually find where a direct hit happened. That would amazing if the phone app was accurate enough to do that.

    1. I'd love to unearth a fulgurite but I have to find the strike point first. I passed up another strike point while near Bryce Canyon but as we were leaving the next day I didn't go search for it. Now I regret it.

  3. If you found the strike point what would it look like? And would you have to dig to find if there was any fused rock?


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