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Sunday, December 8, 2019

What a Difference Six Inches Makes!

Quartzsite, Arizona

My old sleeping bag (I'm not saying how old or you'll lose respect of me) started following apart.  Time to get a new sleeping bag.  The one I selected on Amazon just happened to be six inches wider and three inches longer than my old bag.  This wasn't something I was searching for but I'd take it.  That first night was a revelation.  

Beans the Bed Hog wasn't crowding me anymore!  I had room for my feet now!
Plus the new bag was so soft, comfortable and toasty warm.

It even has a Velcro closure pouch for your phone.  Really?
People sleep with their phones?



  1. I started sleeping in a sleeping bag about five years ago and would never go back to a regular sheet/blanket setup. Plus, I have a thick fleece blanket folded in half that I place on the inside that can be easily laundered. It's not my bed, it's my cocoon! When it's twenty below, I add a quilt. Snug as the proverbial bug. Mine is for "big and tall" so when zipped, it is the exact size of a twin bed. I don't like the confines of a skinny bag. And it accomodates the fleece blanket. If anyone reading this has bone or joint pain, sleeping like this will be a revalation.
    Glad your new setup has the Beans Seal of Approval!
    I think the pocket symbol is for a flashlight. And I don't keep my phone by my bed at night. If big brother wants to listen to snoring he can sleep with his wife. Ha!

    1. The new bag is a Coleman brand so that emblem is probably their signature Coleman lantern logo. Nevertheless using it for a flashlight makes more sense, or maybe midnight snack food. Good for attracting bears. I too use a liner inside the bag. I also have another bag, a military sleep system - one bag inside another bag inside a outdoors covering bag. Good for like down to zero degrees. Good for me when it gets down into the thirties.

  2. I'm sure Beans would find a way in even when a snug fit. Cats have secrets and magical ways man will never comprehend! Enjoy your day...or in this case, night.

  3. P.S. I hope you and Beans will listen to Lewis Black on YouTube, dated 11/16/19. "A mouse in the house".


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