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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Beans Leaves Her Mark

Quartzsite, Arizona

The people who ran us off from our previous camp where the Midnight Pooper lives left after only four days of being there.  Odd.  Seems hardly worth the effort coming in all this way on a dirt road. Whatever, fine with us.  I went back to look at our site, not difficult to find as you can see the drag marks from Beans' five pound lead weight.  

In between the two sites is this poor old abused saguaro, still alive though.

One day on a hike I discovered this hole in the ground, an abandoned mine.  I've lightened up the image so you can see what appears to be the bottom.  It may go off from there but I wasn't about to go down there and see if it did.  Maybe at one point in my life when I was young and foolish, but not now.  If I did I most likely...

...would end up here.


  1. What would be mined in this area? Iron ore? Or something more valuable like silver?
    I wonder who's in the grave..... human or animal!!!!

  2. With all the Quartz around here it is gold mostly. The graves around here I'm surely are all pets. Some may be "fake graves" as somebody wasn't talented enough to make good rock art. Just my guess.


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