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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Expiration Dates Are For the Weak

Quartzsite, Arizona

Along vendors row is this large tent.  They take in pallets of discarded food items from supermarkets like Safeway.  Many are past their 'Best by' date.  Others with still good dates like the cans may be dented.  Bottled items the label could be torn.  There are items of all nature that you'd find at your local grocer including, vitamins, over the counters medicines, pet items and more.  That pallet to the left stacked with 40 quart electric coolers are labeled $40 each.  I looked them up on Amazon. $140.
Even produce shows up at times, cheap and nothing wrong with it.

Stock is changed daily all depending on what they get it.  Most everything is marked fifty cents or a dollar.  Gourmet items a bit more.  I bought a jar of pimento stuffed olives for $2.00 from Safeway.  Date good to 9/12/22. Can't see a thing wrong with it.  A jar of Safeway dill pickles with a torn label 12/14/20 $1.50.  Annies organic protein bars box of five 10/7/19 $1.00.  They might be a bit chewy.
There are boxes of breakfast cereal one or two dollars less than half the store price.  Usually the box is crunched or torn. Ocean Spray and similar juices four dollar plus in the store, here half that.  Lots of coffee styles and brands and those prices are only slightly less than in store. Coffee holds it value.  

Relish!?  Gee, I had that on my list and overlooked it!  I'll have to go back.
Anything you want me to get for you?


  1. Thanks! I'd never even heard of electric coolers before. Car camping stuff is getting better all the time.

  2. I love a good bargain. Saving a few dollars each shopping trip really adds up.


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