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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Its Okay

Its okay that we got ran off from our old campsite.  I was going to have to take the Little House on the Highway into town for propane anyway.  I was trying to get it down close to "empty" just to see how many days it lasted since it was last filled up.  Well, it took 11.2 gallons and that is the capacity of the tank so it was a good thing I didn't try to press it an extra day or two.  "Thank you rude California camper."  Afterward I stopped at Family Dollar and the little in town grocery store Roadrunner to stock up on supplies.  I couldn't believe my good fortune as there were no lines at the check out for either.  Family Dollar always has a line.  So to celebrate my good fortune I treated myself to a fast food meal.  I go to Burger King most of the time.  You complete their customer survey and get rewarded a "Free" Whopper burger, only its not so "free".  You still have to buy the meal which includes a small drink and small fries.  So it costs $3.86 vs. the $6.39 regular price.  
Hey, its a $2.53 savings.  Oh and there I finally had to stand in a short line.

At our new camp spot I immediately found the crystal on the right.  It is about the size of a large table grape.  The next day Beans led me to the slender crystal,on the left just over an inch long. 
I'll be looking for more, you can count on that.  The best time is around three in the afternoon as the sun is low and the shine from the crystals stands out among all the small pebble rock.


  1. There's something incongruous about advertising fuel and fast foot on an old covered wagon.

  2. Well a saving is a saving and we all like a saving!!! And Beans makes an excellent crystal-finder!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun day. It is more fun to "go to town" when you don't go often. I sometimes go only once a week. I try to consolidate errands. Like you, I enjoy being alone. I find peace and quiet are my two best friends and I am well able to entertain myself.
    Great find on the crystals. Must be good energy coming your way.
    My best to Beans.

  4. Nothing says history like Burger King!

  5. The crystals look tumbled. Did you find them in a riverbed? I think Bean one upped you with his find, sorry. I would wire wrap that one, very pretty.


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