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Friday, January 10, 2020

Not a Project - Carpet Squares

Quartzsite, Arizona

One of the vendors here...

...has these pallets stacked with carpet squares.

The ground at camp is nicely paved with small rock.  No dirt or stickers so I never rolled out my rug.  Yet early on when it was WARM I'd sit outside and would kick off my flip flops.  I thought back to those carpets squares.  One would be nice to set my feet on.  I went and bought one.  Then the weather turned cold and never really got to use it.  Oh, I will for sure later on this year.
Remember what the table looks like.

Then one day I was cleaning and organizing the side storage compartment.  Hmm...those carpet squares might work in here.  It proved to be a perfect fit.  I went back and bought four more.
I like this.

On another day it was supposed to have showers that evening and I put everything away.  The next morning as I was setting things back out I set the carpet square for in front of the chair on the table to wait for the ground to dry.  Well look at that.  The carpet square is the exact size of the table top.  One would be nice to have there all the time.  I went back and bought another square.  This will be a lot better to sit my cup of tea on, my book, work on a little project, whatever.  
Beans thinks it is for her to sit on.


  1. That is a great use of those inexpensive squares. I used to keep one in front of my cat's litter box to help cut down on litter she liked to kick out. Kept it from being tracked too far.
    I love being excited over small things that are big improvements. I bought a dollar store tiny flashlight last week, expecting little. Wow! This flashlight throws out a beam much better than my expensive mag light. I am constantly trying to trim weight from my bug out bag, so this is perfect.

  2. Hello John,
    Thanks for these great ideas!

    I have a 2005 Winnie View and am taking out the outdated entertainment center. Do you know how to remove the tv part? I’m not super handy but learning! Thank you! Karuna

    1. I am not familiar with what you have. No doubt there is a YouTube video out there on how to remove a TV. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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