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Saturday, January 18, 2020

One of a Kind

Quartzsite, Arizona

Not really something to have if you wanted to keep a low profile and get lost in the crowd.

Got to hand it to the builder though as he had a vision and imagination.

As you can see by this photo he just barely pulled off the road.
Probably was coming into Quartzsite on a wing and and prayer and it died right there
five miles away from town.

A nice view of the stars at night while lying in bed.  
During the day the sun must really beat in there though.


  1. That would not be allowed on the road here, it would fail too many tests

  2. The front looks like an airplane?

  3. What an interesting vehicle! It looks as though he built it from airplanes plus any scrap metal he could find. Recycled at its most bizarre. Bet the inside is even more interesting. I wonder who the owner is. Bound to be a story there worth hearing. I should think he holds some kind of world record for getting pulled over by the DPS so they can just check it out.


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