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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Project Four

Quartzsite, Arizona

This is my little outdoor stove.  I would use it more often except the wind is bothersome with the heat.  Same too when I use the Dutch Oven.  I have a little windscreen for backpacking I use sometimes.  I was going to set it up for a photo but you think I could find it?  Grrr...  Anyway, I saw on a video a guy set up a large three panel wind shield for his stove and he got it right here in Quartzsite...somewhere, he didn't say where.  I searched the vendors here.  Nothing.  I got online and none could be had.  What to do?  Well, I'll just make my own!  I saw some online that were similar for around $30 but they were multi-fold up panels. I wanted a more ridged three panel arrangement.  I planned to go to the hardware store and see if they had some aluminum around 18x12 which would fit the table nicely.

One day I was walking through a vendor's tent that sells mostly kitchen and cooking items.  I saw this stack of cookie sheets.  Hmm...that just might work.  They were priced $4 each.  I asked the guy if he'd take $10 for three.  "Sure. I was watching you over there.  Figured you were coming up with some use for them besides cooking cookies."  I told him what my idea was.  Hey, its fun to haggle.  

Back at camp I learned why there was a stack of them and only $4 each.  You need a blow torch to remove those stickers.  Not kidding.  I soaked them in water, gasoline, carburetor cleaner, some cleaning stuff I have that will remove everything imaginable.  The stickers are still stuck on there.  And I thought cutting through that shackle on the lock was hard!
I may get some WD-40 or just maybe forget it.  They will still deflect wind with stickers left on.
I can just imagine all the pissed off housewives sending e-mails to the EKCO company.

Yes, this will work out nicely.


  1. Well done, think that is something I could try as well

  2. That is a great idea! Too bad about the stickers..seems like you have tried most everything. It won't affect the purpose, of course. I like Maguires Wheel and Tire cleaner (pink bottle) for icky cleaning jobs. I have been amazed by what it will clean when nothing else works. Never tried it on stickers. I am surprised you don't have WD40 on hand.
    Give Beans a chin scratch for me.

    1. I ran out of the stuff and being as I don't like the smell of it I'm reluctant to buy another can. I usually get some on me and have to work at it getting that smell off. Have been looking for those real small cans but haven't come across any yet.


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