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Monday, January 6, 2020

Project Three - Things People Throw Away

Quartzsite, Arizona

One day when I walked to the dumpsters to get rid of our trash I found this thrown in there.  I have two of those locks and thought if lucky one of the keys might open the lock.  No such luck.  I would really like to have the cable though.  How hard can it be to cut through that shackle?  
Well I was to learn VERY HARD!  

A hack saw didn't even make a mark.  I got out my saber saw fitted with a metal cutting blade.  Ha!  Barely a scratch.  I Googled it.  Cutting torch.  Nope, don't have that.  Angle grinder.  Nope, have one back at the house though.  Dremel Tool with cut-off disc.  Yeah!  That I have.  I wish I had looked to see how long I worked on this until I finally got frustrated and quit.  It was making headway but was agonizingly slow.  The next morning I went at it again.  You cannot imagine the pleasure I felt when the shackle feel apart.  Yet I couldn't twist it enough to slip the cable out.  
I'd have to finish the second cut.

Instead I tried gripping it with pliers and working it back and forth it finally snapped away. 
Was it worth it?  Yes as I can use that cable and besides, what else to do I have to do?

Would I do it again?
Not likely.


  1. Angle grinder woul dhav e done that no sweat

  2. So many ways to solve a problem! Now I am curious about what you could use the cable for.

    1. This one I will have with me on the motor bike so I can lock up the new little propane tank when I go get it filled and then be able stop at the store for some grocery shopping.


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