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Friday, January 3, 2020

Project Two

Quartzsite, Arizona

This project I had been thinking about for a long time.  I decided during my stay in Quartzsite this year I would do it.  This is a five gallon twenty pound propane tank like you have on your bar-b-que outside.  I lug it around all year long, taking up storage space, all for only one purpose...

...to run the heater inside the RV.

My plan was to do away with the tank and use the propane from the RV.  There is a connection that can be bought to hook up tanks to the main RV tank.  I thought it was something that screwed in to the filler port (on the left) but eventually learned that it was to be installed within the piping to the right. Well I didn't want to mess with all that (I don't like to do plumbing) and some reviews people said they encountered leaks which had to be corrected.  I don't need issues to deal with.

Later I got the bright idea to buy a valve, remove the burner for the hot water tank (I never used it but one time - a waste of fuel) and connect it all there running the hose inside along the hot water tank.  With that completed now all I wanted to do was run that five gallon tank empty, hook up to my new system and I was good to go.  Finally one morning the heater sputtered and the fire went off.  Good.  The tank is empty.  I hooked the heater to my new line, opened the valve and turned on the heater.  It lit and then soon sputtered out and died.  "What the heck?"  I tried again.  Same thing.  "Well horsefeathers! That's just great.  Something is wrong with the heater.  It probably didn't even run out of propane."  I started looking online at new heaters, maybe one of those fancy catalytic heaters.  Research showed they had to be really clean all the time or would not work.  Well being out in the dusty conditions as I am not to mention cat fur floating about, this would not do.  It was back to buying a new Mr. Heater.  Just before I was about to place my order I learned that the heaters run off high pressure propane.  They won't run on low pressure.  The RV lines have pressure regulators in them (the round thingy in the upper right corner).  Huh!  I screwed on one of my green Coleman propane canisters to the heater and it fired right up working like a champ.  Yippee!  
I didn't have to buy a new heater. 

I still wanted to get rid of that five gallon tank though.  What to do?  Get a smaller tank!  Back online I bought a one gallon five pound tank seen here on the right.  Isn't it cute?  How long will one gallon last you ask?  Well I'm finding out now.  I had them put one gallon into the big tank to hold me over until the little guy arrived.  So far it's been two and a half weeks running the heater in the mornings.  Another good thing about the little guy is that I can carry him on Gracie to get filled up.  I couldn't do that with big boy.  I'm giving the big tank to a lady down the road from us.


  1. You're very innovative! And smart!!

  2. I didn't know they made a one gallon tank. Good to know. I have a 1969 Bell and even though the furnace works, I don't trust it not to blow up and have both sizes Mr Buddys. It would indeed be a space saver to have a one gallon and easier to wrestle.
    Were you an engineer?


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