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Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Midnight Pooper

Quartzsite, Arizona

At our previous camp site we would receive a gift like every other night.  
They would always leave their deposit on Bean's five pound weight.   

Then one morning I stepped outside to see this.  Her cord chewed in two.  
Someone really had some issues with Beans.

Maybe because one day she decided to pee on their turf.

Or perhaps it was because she accidentally killed one of their own.
I didn't mean for him to die.  I just wanted to play.

Now I pick up her weight and cord each evening hopefully putting a stop to the Midnight Pooper.
Whoever he is he is bigger than this little pack rat judging by the size of the "gift".  

Most cats like to lay on keyboards.  Beans is such a good girl.  
She's happy to be just near me curled up next to the laptop.


  1. Love Beans!!!!! Give her a chin scritch from me.....!

  2. That's not a gift....it's a death threat! Hahaha

  3. Gosh, a Midnight Mystery String Chewing Pooper. A new species has been discovered.


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