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Saturday, June 13, 2020

A Stroll Through the Boneyard

Lately I've seem to have lost my motivation to travel like I used to.  Things aren't the same anymore.  Everywhere I go it is "Do I need to wear a mask?"  Now there is all this civil unrest going on.  Not that I ever went into big cites before if I could avoid doing so but now why even consider going anywhere?  When I have to be wary of people due to a pandemic virus or wanton behavior why even bother to travel in the first place?  The longer we are here outside of Sisters, Oregon isolated from all the madness going on the more appealing staying put seems to be.

The forest all around us for miles is a virtual graveyard of bones scattered about. 
 Everywhere I hike there are bones.    

The deer population is getting hit hard by predators it seems.

I've not seen one deer nor any tracks in the two weeks we've been here.  I haven't seen any predators either except for a cute little tortoiseshell cat chasing squirrels, chipmunks and lizards.

There is nothing better for this mental malady of mine than a walk in the woods even though death lies all around where I walk.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

How disconcerting and sad.
Sorry to read you are losing your inspiration to travel.
It's understandable though. I see on Twitter that lots of men have turned up in London today and are incomprehensibly shouting 'England' and fighting the police.
Some things are just weird - and frightening.

Shammickite said...

You sound like the lockdown and all the other horrid things that are happening in the world are getting to you. I know just how you feel. I'm staying at home mainly because I feel that its not safe to go out anywhere, which is quite irrational. Living among all those bones isn't good either! I think Ms. Beans is the best therapist you could possibly have right now.

Toc said...

I think you have reached the smartest conclusion until we can see more clearly what is going on. Enjoy the beauty of Sisters.

John W. Wall said...

Maybe you're in wolf country. That could explain why the deer aren't out in the open anymore. I biked up to Mt. Tam yesterday and was struck by people wearing masks on the hiking trails. Also passed a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Golden Gate Park on the way home. It was a gorgeous day despite all the turmoil in the world of humanity.