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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Habitat for Humanity

A lady out hiking walked by camp one day.  In our distant conversation she told me about the Habitat for Humanity store in town having an excellent collection of books.  I was all for that.  One day on a water run I located the store.  Yes folks, I'm getting better finding my way around this small town.

I parked the Honda, put on all my protective gear and walked up the the doors.  Locked.  

Then I noticed this on the paver stones.  COVID strikes again.  Hmm...how do I get in?  I walked up one side of the building.  Nope.  I came back and walked along the other side.  Nope.  I walked around back where DELIVERIES ONLY stood posted over the rear door.  I walked all the way around the block.  Finally back at the door among all the other signage posted there I found the hours - opens at 11.  It was 10:40.  My online search showed they opened at 9.  Foiled again by COVID.
I gave up and went to go get my water.

I'll be back.

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