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Friday, June 5, 2020

Oh Well

Sisters, Oregon

As I mentioned earlier I turned off the highway onto a forest service road following directions Claire my GPS girl set for me much to my annoyance with all the branches scraping the RV.  Well one day I got the bicycle down and went for a little ride.  A half a mile from camp I find this road.  Had I continued on the highway a mile further I could have turned in here.  Oh well. This explains how those leaving reviews for this free dispersed camping area were able to get here towing their trailers and driving their big RVs. 

On down that nice road I found lots of campers off into the woods.

The only advantage being here was being further from the highway thus quieter.

I rode around for six miles and just didn't see anything better for a camp than what we had.  There are no other campers in our entire area.  I've only see one truck drive by in the past six days.  And there are no bugs - gnats, flies or mosquitoes - none.  Very good cell service too.  I looked on Google Maps and figured out a way I can ride into town for groceries on Gracie the Honda Trail bike without having to ride on the highway.  Less than six miles.  I think we'll stay here for awhile.

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