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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Grocery Store

This was another bit of work to locate in town, Rays Market.  There may be other grocery stores in town but I don't need the added frustration in trying to find them.  This one looked very nice.  
Good enough for me.

I was midway through my shopping when I discovered by looking at the ground I was going the wrong direction.  I hadn't been in a store before with those one way traffic directional arrows.  Oh well, no one else was heeding the arrows.  Not even that many were wearing masks either.  Then I saw this sign at the check out.  Really, this COVID thing is way too complicated for me.


John W. Wall said...

Apparently there have been zero Covid-19 deaths in that whole county, so I can see why people might be lax. Here in SF I view going to the grocery store as the only hazardous thing I do. Not that I worry much about it, and everyone wears a mask here. I think they would ask you to leave if you didn't.

Shammickite said...

This is typical of grocery stores these days. Arrows, signs, masks, sanitiser.