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Friday, July 31, 2020

Catching Mice

I set this live catch trap up like this in the engine compartment over night. The critters like to goof around in there.  It traps them inside alive and then I take them for a bicycle ride up the road a few hundred yards away in the morning.  
So far the score stands at 14 chipmunks and 19 mice.

One morning Beans was playing with something under the RV.  She had a baby mouse.  The next morning she had another baby.  Where is she getting them from?  Soon after I actually saw another one fall down from the inside of the front bumper.  The nest must be up under there somewhere but I can't see it.  It could be inside the chassis member as the channel has a few holes in it and I think that is where those rats went last winter while in the desert.  I am beginning to think there will be no end to the mice here.  I've not seen one predator (coyote, hawk, etc.) since we've been here.


  1. Not the kind of company you want to share your home with. No matter how many you get rid of, there will always be more looking for a cosy home. Keep on mousing, Beans!

  2. I wonder how many are repeat offenders.

    1. I felt two hundred yards away would be far enough. Think they would travel back that distance?

    2. It’s hard to say. To get back to their nest, I suspect so. My house and outbuildings are in the woods, and mice are always getting into things and causing damage. If they make it into the house, I use kill traps. There’s nothing worse than the smell of a dead mouse trapped behind a wall.


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