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Monday, July 27, 2020

COVID-19 Makes You Do Crazy Things

One morning while Beans and I were out hunting I got the notion to cut my hair.  Not just cut it, but shave my head.  I have never shaved my head before.  I thought: I never see anyone, no one ever sees me and if they do I have on a hat (or my motorcycle helmet) and have a bandanna wrapped around my face.  So why not?  This is what happens when one has been isolated for far too long.

Back at the RV I fed Beans and dug out the clippers.  I went back outside and started cutting.  When I was finished I went inside and looked in the mirror.  Well that was shocking.  But I had to admit it felt good.  I put everything away and decided to take a picture.  It was only when I viewed the image I thought Oh my!  I look like...well I’m not saying.  I am curious if you can see a resemblance to someone well known.  One friend I sent it to saw it right away.


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