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Monday, July 20, 2020

Filling the Propane Tank

I last filled the propane tank in Bend, Oregon before we arrived in Sisters on June 1.  I had previously inquired around and was told that the Chevron station on the other side of town was the only place to get propane.  Good price at a $1.99 a gallon.  It took 10.3 gallons and the tank holds 11.2.  The guy never asked is anyone was inside like the Bend guy did, nor even if the appliances were turned off like half the propane guys do.  Okay folks...notice anything in this photo?

There is a water faucet right there!!  Imagine my disgust seeing that for by this stage I would have already completed the water fill at the city park.  Honestly, in all my years on the road I have only seen one free water fill at a gas station near the propane service area and that is at a Shell station in Yuma, Arizona.

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Interesting that he feels it necessary to wear a mask while outside and not within several metres of other people, but is not bothered about the danger of the whole place being blown sky high because you've maybe left your stove on. We used to get the same problem at work: stress one piece of health and safety legislation and other measures were immediately forgotten.