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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Fixing My Bed

I've been dealing with this issue for years.  Sometimes after a night's sleep my back is barking at me in the morning.  One day I recalled how many many years ago I used to sleep on the floor and how that helped a back issue I was having at the time.  I won't go into the long story behind that but it made me think of a possible solution in the RV.  I'd place a piece of plywood on the bed.  
Next stop, ACE Hardware.

Here is the bed naked.  The right half that Beans is on lifts up for access to a storage area at the bottom of the photo and the heater compartment under Beans.  I used to have two inch and a half memory foam mattress toppers on there so I wouldn't feel the crack.  I eliminated one of them while at the house back in May.  That helped.

This is a four foot by four foot sheet of plywood.  Anything longer the corner of the board would stick out along that curve of the mattress in the lower right. 
 I really didn't need the stiffness for my legs anyway.

I added this heavy wool blanket for the little bit of padding and insulation plus it was in the way up front where I stored it. Here was a chance to use it and get it out of sight.

Then the remaining inch and a half thick memory foam top covered with a comforter.

Finally the sleeping bag and Mexican blanket.

This was a huge improvement.  The first morning I sat up to watch the sun rise and it dawned on me (no pun here) I was sitting up!  I never could sit up before as it was all too soft, no support.
Yeah Dad, I like this.
I do too Beans.

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