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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Found Water

The day arrived that I had to fill the propane tank.  This meant breaking camp  So while in town I would fill the water tank at the city park.  I figured I'd be making about a half a dozen trips back and forth lugging four gallon water bottles to get the water tank full.  I would do that first hopefully before any people showed up in the park.  I didn't want to be answering questions.  Coming into town I noticed a sign for a city RV park.  I didn't know that was there.  Being curious I pulled in to check it out.  Here is the sign when entering.  For the time we've been here, with a senior discount for a 
non-hook up RV site I would have paid a $1000 dollars by now.  See why I camp like I do?

Here is another reason why I camp like I do.

I saw only a couple people outside.  Most everyone was holed up indoors.
That's real camping!

I saw a sign by the entry sign showing dump station straight ahead.  Well, where's there is a dump station there is usually a water fill.  And there was!  This really made my day as I wouldn't have to be filling the tank with one gallon water jugs.

On the other side was a pay station to dump your sewage.  That was a $10 fee!

Thankfully the water was free or I would have coninued on with plan A, the city park.

All the while I was filling up the camp host was right there.  
He never said anything about the freeloader getting water in his campground.

I drove away not believing my good fortune.


Shammickite said...

I hope your good luck lasts.... did you ever change to position of the horseshoe?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

No I didnt change the horseshoe. That explains why I had such a good day doing errands as the remaining posts for the week will show. Thanks for the reminder.