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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Habitat for Humanity - part three

Well I finally made it.  I was number two in line.  I felt I could handle that.  Then a lady took cuts on me.  So I wound up number three when it was all said and done by the time I had made my way into the store.  The book section was like the hiker lady told me, very nice and organized and even in alphabetical order by author's names.  Paperbacks were a dollar apiece.  Hardbacks two or three, I don't recall now.  I did buy one paperback.  I felt I had to to make all my futile attempts worthwhile.

The store was one of the nicest thrift shops I have been in.  I walked through the rest of the store just because I felt I should for after all I earned it.  But I couldn't get into it as I kept thinking of those standing outside in the cold wind while I was just wasting time and not really needing anything. 

I walked down the street to another store and this fella was outside guarding his owner's latte.
Nice dog.  Couldn't care any less about me.

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Shammickite said...

I admit I love wandering about in thrift stores, but I haven't been anywhere near one for a long time now.